What Type of Life Insurance do Seniors Need?

switchboardThe concept of life insurance is the same for people of all ages. You pay regular premiums and receive a certain level of cover in return. When you die, the fund pays out. But seniors are in a unique position in that it isn’t always clear what they need to search for in a life insurance policy. This article will look at what seniors need to take into account when purchasing life insurance.

The Dangers of Overbuying

Seniors find it easier than most to buy more insurance than they actually need. At an advanced age, hopefully the children have left home and your financial obligations are reduced. Fewer financial responsibilities means you don’t need as much cover as you did ten years previously. Bear in mind that overbuying is a real risk.

For Those Who Work

Most seniors who’re still working for a living may find it cheaper to join a plan setup by an employer. If the employer doesn’t offer a plan, it may be worth setting up a campaign to have a plan installed. Employers can pass all costs onto staff, so it’s not as if they would lose out as a result. Check to make sure you can stay on the plan should you decide to retire. Remember, group plans are the cheapest form of insurance you can buy.

Join Life Insurance Groups

Even the retired can still find good life insurance by joining specialized groups designed specifically for this purpose. Look into various groups and see what options they provide. Just remember that not every group plan is worth it, so check the terms and conditions first.

Shop Around for a Quote

Seniors will usually find it better to shop around for a quote on term life insurance. Whole life policies tend to be bad value for money because you may only have no more than 15 years left to live. Whole life insurance is better for younger people. Either way, shop around for a quote and see what deals you can get. It’s always worth sitting down and spending an afternoon attempting to get the best offer you possibly can.


The best life insurance for seniors is to try to join an employer-based plan. This will invite lower premiums while ensuring long-term cover. Try to avoid whole life plans, if possible, and make sure you shop around for the best deals to get the most for your money.


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