Monthly Archives: November 2014

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Update on Statement Credits

Okay, so I have to say this really takes a lot of juggling to get these statement credits! It is definitely simpler to buy groceries, gasoline, etc. with the appropriate debit cards and be done with it. I have my paycheck direct depositing into three checking accounts. One portion is my car payment, another portion goes to Wells Fargo for groceries and my husband’s gasoline and mad money, and the remainder goes to another checking account from where I buy… Read the rest

Update on Balance Transfer Plan (Fall 2014)

Back in October I wrote about my plan for my balance transfers.  Two of my credit cards were not at 0%, and on two others the promotion was ending (in December). I really had to put together a plan this time because three of the cards were Chase and that made it tricky because I had to use other banks (Chase doesn’t allow balance transfers from one Chase card to another). Also, my budget really tightened up when I bought… Read the rest