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Balance Statement Credits – Are They Worth It?

I say yes.  Here are some rules: Make sure the card has no annual fees. Once you have been approved for the card, call the company and learn the details on earning the credit.  For example, ask for the dates purchases need to be made in order to qualify. Confirm that you will receive a credit for X dollars after X dollar amount in charges within X number of days. (Example: You will receive a credit for $300 after $1000… Read the rest

Budget Details October 2014

One of my readers, Walnut, asked if I would share my budget. I have not shared my budget in a long time and it has definitely changed. I should say in advance that I will share my budget, and you are welcome to make suggestions but I feel like I am living very tightly already. When I was getting out of debt the first time it was much easier to live on an rigid budget. As I’ve grown older, I’ve… Read the rest
Help the Decki Family

I Challenge You To Donate $10 to Help a Fellow Personal Finance Blogger

There are some personal finance bloggers who struggle and continue to struggle. Jenny Decki’s current blog began in 2010 and she has shared a lot of the problems she and her husband have faced financially but today I learned something I did not know. I did know the family has been facing foreclosure for quite some time now, Jenny has shared that with us at her blog: Jenny Decki – Not Your Average Finance Blog. Jenny’s husband Randy has shared… Read the rest

5 Tips To Save On Your Upcoming Heating Costs

Heating costs are expensive, especially in the colder climates as furnaces and boilers run more and more. Homeowners need to be diligent in making sure that their homes are properly winterized. This means that you should check windows and doors for drafts inspect the insulation and have the entire unit serviced. Schedule the HVAC Unit for Service It is important to have the HVAC unit serviced. This will act as a gauge of how well the system is performing. The… Read the rest