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Honda Civic

How I Decided to Buy a Brand New 2014 Honda Civic Part 2

This is part two of a two part story on how I decided to buy a brand new car. When I left off yesterday, I was more confused after testing driving three different cars. But I kept learning things about the Honda Civic that I liked so finally made my decision. With that out of the way, the next step was deciding whether I should buy used or new.  Since the price of 2-3 year old Civic was not much… Read the rest
Honda Civic

How I Decided to Buy a Brand New 2014 Honda Civic Part 1

When you are the mortar holding all the bricks of your life together, it’s challenge enough to continue putting one foot in front of the other, let alone try to make huge decisions or follow through with any big life changing plans. In 2013, my elderly mother (who was practically bedridden) moved in with us, and my husband became disabled. And my oldest son has Down Syndrome. When you are caring for three people, plus working a full time job… Read the rest

Balance Transfer Plans Fall 2014

In my last post I updated our credit card debt and also mentioned that I plan on doing some balance transfers as soon as possible. Here is where we are at regarding our credit card debt: Chase I (Formerly AMEX) is now $5724 (Currently 0% interest – promotion ends 12-14) Chase II is now $6663 (Currently 8.99% interest) Chase III (Business debt) $5041 (Currently 0% interest – promotion ends 12-14) Bank of America $661 (Currently 9.5% interest) Grand total credit… Read the rest

September 2014 Credit Card Update + Balance Transfers

I haven’t updated our credit card debt in more than one year.  A lot has happened since that update in February 2013. I offer no excuses, only the facts. Here’s where we were before with a total of $13,915: AMEX $4,572 Chase $8,280 Wells Fargo Line of Credit $1,063 From February to November 2013, the AMEX bill had increased to $6,654. The interest rate was 13% so I decided to do a balance transfer to one of my Chase cards.… Read the rest