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It’s Easy to Pay Your Bills… When You Have Enough Money

My mother came to live with us about six months ago.  She has a great deal of anxiety and it has been extremely difficult for her to pay her bills for the last couple of years because just the thought of writing checks and making sure everything gets paid stresses her out. She had a checking and savings account with a credit union but we soon found that it would be difficult to work with them since there are only… Read the rest
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Just Because It’s a Business Expense Doesn’t Mean You Should Buy It

Some people who go into business for themselves do everything right from the start.  They learn what the area in which they live requires, get a business license, and go from there. But there are others who when they start out to have a business of their own, probably aren’t thinking too much about the legal or tax side of things.  They’re making their widgets or providing their service and as money starts rolling in they realize this is going… Read the rest