Monthly Archives: January 2014

Do You Gamble For Entertainment?

I’ve often said that I’m glad I’m not a gambling kind of person as it just so happens that I drive past four casinos on my way home from work each day.  The nearest one is less than 15 miles away from home and I know quite a few of my neighbors whose idea of a great evening is to put some money down on a few tables. Who knows, you could end up winning big! It does happen after… Read the rest

Milk Expires: Miles Shouldn’t

Unless all of your miles are with Delta, they can expire.  There is no sadder fate for an airline mile, given how easy it is to avoid mileage expiration. First, the facts:  most airline miles expire after a defined time period during which there is no authorized activity.  The typical time period is 18 months (American, US Airways, United).  Some airlines are a bit more generous.  Southwest Airlines is 24 months.  And, Korean Airlines is an amazing 7 years.  For… Read the rest