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Investing for Beginners: When and How Much?

Investing can be a daunting venture, especially for those just starting out on the road to financial independence. However, it is never too early, and there is never too small an amount to invest. Making the decision to invest early on in life has great potential to earn you a profit later on in life. When to Start Many people have the idea that investing is done later in life because that’s likely when you have extra money to invest.… Read the rest

Points to Consider Before Filing for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy filing offers individuals relief from debt and a much-needed chance to start their financial slate anew. Filing for bankruptcy may be the best step to take depending on certain circumstances and several other factors. If you’re seriously considering filing bankruptcy, here are some things to think about: Is Bankruptcy Right for You? When you’re deep in debt, the idea of wiping out all of your financial woes seems to be the perfect solution. However, not all kinds of debt… Read the rest

The Benefits of Saving

The following is a guest post. Whether you’re saving for a specific purchase, such as putting down the deposit on a house, or simply taking precautions and putting money aside for a rainy day, saving can help you achieve your goals and give you the financial nest egg you deserve.  Very few of us are in a position where we can buy or pay for everything we want outright. The two main choices when it comes to major purchases are… Read the rest

In Control of the Money? Could You be Accused of Abuse?

Handling money in relationships is so tricky – money issues are one of the leading causes of divorces, and yet all too frequently, a completely neglected topic of discussion in relationships until there is a tangible, major problem.  But this post isn’t a soapbox on communicating in relationships about money, it’s about what happens when one side handles it more than the other.  My question is: When one partner in the relationship controls the money, could it be ever be… Read the rest