6 Common Mistakes to Avoid with Annuities

Annuities are one of the most popular investments made by investors under 44 years of age. But young money-makers should consider the common mistakes others often make to ensure their investment pays off.

1. Selecting an Annuity Provider Rate Alone

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It’s important to find an [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

An Accident, A Personal Injury & A Debt Situation – How I Recovered

The following is a guest post.

For better part of a decade; my debt handling abilities have been pretty adequate. All of this changed with a single auto-accident (yes, St. Louis doesn’t have perfect drivers) and naivety shown by the insurance company.

Everyone knows the importance of car insurance, but I guess only few [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Are You Prepared for Disaster? Get Started with the Ultimate Survival Bundle for just $29

Do you worry about being prepared in the event of a disaster? Do you know what you should and can do now to increase your chance of survival in the event of a catastrophic event?

One of the most important considerations is water.  Some sources recommend having 3 gallons of water for each person [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

How To Save Money on Burial and Funeral – Donate Your Body to Science

I don’t know anyone that likes to talk about dying. But you know, it’s a fact of life that we are all going to die one day.  We’re born, we live our lives, we pass away.  Recently a friend’s husband passed away and in hearing about some of the costs to lay her husband [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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