Monthly Archives: February 2013

My Favorite Grocery Salvage Store Jumped the Shark

Sometime ago I wrote about shopping at a bargain grocery called American Discount Foods.  Wow, almost four years ago.  Well, you know how it is, things change, people change. Going to American Discount Foods used to be one of the fun things I would look forward to.  I know you can relate to finding a great bargain and any time I shopped AMD I could always count on finding some really good bargains.  It was like a maze at the… Read the rest

February 2013 Credit Card Update

The last time I shared an update on our credit card debt was in October when we had $10873 in credit card debt. Here are our current credit card balances: AMEX $4572 (was $1809) Chase $8280 (was $8714) Wells Fargo Line of Credit $1063 (was $350) $13915.00 is the grand total.  Once again, our debt has increased.  By $3042.00. And like the last time, I know why… of course I know why, I’d better know why!! my used car needed… Read the rest

Are You Cheap Enough to Use Fiverr?

Like most folks in the personal finance world, I make a point of being careful with my money.  But over the years I’ve also learned the bottom of the barrel price isn’t always the best deal.  For example, if I got estimates from several companies to replace my flooring or paint my house, I wouldn’t go with the lowest bid – I’ve learned in my nearly five decades that most of the time the cheapest option is not your wisest… Read the rest