Bank Deposits Using Your Smart Phone

Banking is getting easier and easier.  Last week I stopped by the ATM to withdraw $40 to pay back my boss.  I’d forgotten my wallet at home the previous day and had to get gas on my way home.  As I was withdrawing my cash, I remembered I had a check that I needed [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Cost of Living Report Reveals Surprising Findings

When you have a large family, personal loans become a real option as you juggle the family finances. More mouths to feed, a bigger car to buy, and higher bills to pay.

In the US, rising food, education, and housing costs have made the first 17 years of raising a family even more expensive. [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Are Extreme Couponers Ruining It For the Rest of Us?

Years ago I used coupons faithfully.  I was a stay at home mom making ends meet on an extremely tight budget, and I had a vehicle to get around in.   This was back in the day when you got your Sunday paper, clipped your coupons and sorted them into a coupon folder.  This was [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

My Frugal Grandma’s Long Term Care

My mom was my grandmother’s long term caregiver the last 10 years of her life.  My grandfather passed away in 1991 and my grandmother blossomed, at least it seemed that way to me. She seemed so much happier when she came over to visit.  My children were just babies at the time.


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