Monthly Archives: November 2012

Update on my New Used Car

Some days I think I should change the name of this blog to “Never Going to Get Out of Debt Again.”  It wouldn’t be that hard to make a new logo… It was finally time for my little car to be taken out for a test drive.  My coworkers needed to use the company van, so we made the necessary arrangements. I was to drive the van to my coworker’s house, drop it off and Mr. A was coming into… Read the rest
Piggy Bank

Does it Cost Less When One Person Moves Out?

In July I wrote a post called One Less Person At Home, Will Expenses Go Down? Our youngest child flew the coop and I wondered if it would have an impact on the household expenses.   Once our son AJ began working we expected him to pay $200/month rent to help with the household expenses. Since AJ bought most of the food he consumed we didn’t anticipate much savings in the grocery bill, although we did decrease our weekly grocery allotment… Read the rest

My Credit Union Started Charging a Monthly Fee

Back in July 2010 my credit union began charging a monthly fee.  They would charge $5 and credit my account $2 so the final cost was $3.  This went on for about a year and then they always charged me $5 each month. I should have put in a call to them to ask about the monthly fee when they first began charging me but I figured it was only $3 a month (but $36/year!) so I didn’t bother.  I… Read the rest

Debt Advice

The following is a guest post from by Peter Dean. Are you experiencing financial troubles or can see them in the horizon? Often the hardest thing to do is admit that you have lost control of your finances and have serious debt problems. The majority of people I deal with have spent months or even years trying to rob Peter to pay Paul and only come to see us when their situation has become desperate. Why you may ask? Well,… Read the rest