Monthly Archives: September 2012

Oh Boy, Arizona Intercepted Our Tax Refund Again

I wrote about the last time the state “intercepted” our income tax return here: What Arizona did with our 2008 Tax Refund and here: Finally – Our 2008 Tax Refund Arrived.   I filed an extension for our 2011 taxes and when I bought my car off Craigslist I forced myself to get it done sooner than later since I want to get our line of credit paid off, since that’s where I had to take the money from in… Read the rest

Teaching Your Children About Money

In this article Teaching Children the Value of a Dollar in a Debt Filled World the author states, “Responsibly using money is one of the most important things we learn in our lifetime, and yet it’s a lesson too few of us take the time to teach our kids.” My personal experience as a child with money: practically nil.  I was not given allowance, although we were supposed to get an allowance of one quarter a week.  This was in… Read the rest

Shopping for Homecoming Dresses at Nordstrom’s Outlet Last Chance

My niece and I went shopping at Last Chance, Nordstrom’s Outlet in Phoenix, Arizona.  We found three dresses and two pairs of shoes for a total of: $73.89. Today I’ve been researching the items we bought, and if the items were bought at original retail value the cost would have been $898.98.  Wow. I have never been to a homecoming dance or any kind of high school dance for that matter. The main reason: I dropped out of high school… Read the rest

Those Expensive Chip Keys – Maybe You Just Need a Valet Key

I mentioned in a previous post that I was driving my employer’s company van for a few weeks during the time that I was looking for a used car.  One night I had been to the grocery store and bought a week’s worth of groceries.  I hadn’t been able to reach Mr. A on his cell phone so I wasn’t sure if he would home to help me unload and take everything in.  I was happy to see him when… Read the rest