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Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing

Make Your Own Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing

I don’t like store bought veggie dip, I prefer to make my own using a sour cream base. Years and years ago I used  but only occasionally as it is quite expensive.  Not to mention it has additives and preservatives and MSG.  Oh, and to clarify, I would never use the Hidden Valley Ranch dressing in a bottle.  It is nowhere near the same taste as dumping the dry mix into mayonnaise and buttermilk. One day while checking out the… Read the rest

I Found My Car… On Craigslist

On Thursday, just for fun and because I was still on my lunch break, I decided to take a quick peek to see if any vehicles fitting my wishlist had been posted to Craigslist. And just like that, I found my car.  Don’t ask me how I knew it was my car, I just had a feeling it was my new car. The price was right, the mileage wasn’t too bad, the fuel economy was not as much as I’d… Read the rest

Will QE3 Work to Boost The Global Economic Market?

This is a guest post from Mr. Accountability. Factory production has risen almost 25% since its lowest point of the recession in June 2009. Still, because of uncertainty in the future of the economy, consumers have held back their spending and businesses have taken a “let’s wait and see” approach to investing in machinery and equipment. Also, if Europe’s financial crisis worsens, and I think it will, then that would also lead to less demand of U.S. goods and exports.… Read the rest
Social Media

Five Things Social Media Debt Collectors May Want To Know About You

The following is a guest post. In a recent online forum a debt collection agency revealed that they now routinely use social media as a source of intelligence on debtors. An example was given recently of one man who had pled poverty to them, but was presenting himself online as a successful entrepreneur. The debt collection agency threatened bankruptcy and was able to secure a £10,000 in settlement of the debt. Social media is becoming the new doorstep collection: a… Read the rest