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How Bad Debt Credit Cards Can Help

The following is a guest post from How Bad Debt Credit Cards Can Help You If you find yourself with a bad credit score, it may be hard to believe that a credit card can help you get things back under control.  Note that not all credit cards will be beneficial and it may be difficult to get approved for others. It is important to find the right opportunity and take advantage of it by making your payments on… Read the rest
Scam Company Vehicle History Dot Com

Don’t Get Scammed by

Dang it, I hate when this happens to me!  But it just goes to show you that if an experienced Internet user can be scammed, just imagine how easy it can happen to Internet newbies.  As I’ll show you in the screenshots, there was nothing whatsoever to alert me. So it looks like I am going to have to get a “new” vehicle. For me, that means used.  I would need to have won a million dollar lottery before I… Read the rest
Colorful Row of Cars from NCBrian Flickrite

So You Want To Buy a Used Car? Here Are Some Tips To Get Started

I have reluctantly accepted the fact that it’s time for me to have a different vehicle.  The last two vehicles our family has bought have been procured through a friend of the family.  This time Mr. A would like to remove the middle man. I’m not sure I am completely on board with this decision since I have had a bad experience buying a used car, it was a major lemon.  It feels like we’re just taking on a lot… Read the rest
Mrs. Accountability Driving a Chevy Cruze

Coincidence or Sabotage?

Remember a couple of weeks ago I was talking about how our old cars were all breaking down at the same time?   Well, at the time I wrote that blog post we assumed it was because these things tend to happen in cycles in our experience.  For example, one time we had taken our 1989 Ford Pickup in to have the brakes repaired and I had followed my husband down in my Pathfinder to give him a ride back home. … Read the rest