Compare Insurance and Save Money

It’s a good idea to check insurance rates at least once a year to ensure that you’re getting the best deal and making the most of your hard earned dollar.  Do make sure you have your current policy on hand as you make your comparisons so that you are able to compare apples to apples.

The youngsters in our midst won’t remember how it was back in the olden days before we had the Internet to easily compare insurance rates.  Back then we had to hitch up the horse and ride into town, no wait, that was before my time even. 

Actually we had to get out the trusty yellow pages, pick up the phone,  flip through to the insurance section and call several different agents in order to compare prices.  Usually it took several days to hear back from each agent, so it was quite a time consuming process.  Most people didn’t bother, choosing to stick with the same agent for years, sometimes for their entire lives, never bothering to check elsewhere since it was just more convenient to stay with the devil you knew.  But nowadays as we know, we can check for many kinds of insurance easily by spending just a few minutes on the Internet. There are many places which allow you to enter your information and get back dozens of rates.   You can auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance, health insurance, life insurance, even pet insurance is available now.  The fact that this information is right at our fingertips should make insurance companies very eager to compete and earn our business.

One year I managed to save $318 on auto insurance by checking with an agent that Mr. A asked me to consider.  A friend of his used this agent, and my past experience had been that local agents tended to be more expensive.  I have to admit I was shocked to find this local agent was able to give us a much better quote.  Three hundred and eighteen dollars less?  Wow.  I was so amazed that I called to double check to verify that they’d gotten all our information correct.  After all we did have a 20 year old male driver on the policy!  How could the rates be so low!?  As we talked and compared coverage, we found that they needed to change some of the mileage estimates but other than that they assured me everything was correct, so we paid the premium.  So far every six months I look around, check with a few companies and this local agent continues to have the best rates.

We pay $658 for four vehicles, and as I mentioned a young male driver who is now 22 years old.  I think we have a few considerations on our side which helps to make our insurance costs lower.

  • All of our vehicles are in their teens
  • We live in a rural area
  • All our vehicles are paid for in full with no lienholder
  • None of us have had a traffic violation that counted against us in years (myself and Mr. A have each had one ticket and went to traffic school to avoid points against our licenses)

Do you check your insurance rates regularly?






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3 thoughts on “Compare Insurance and Save Money

  1. I can’t wait until we move to our rural homestead…I’ve heard your car insurance gets slashed in half.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    @Emily, yes as a matter of fact I think our rates are also lower because of the fact that we live in a rural area. We do however, regularly commute into the city… maybe that doesn’t have any impact. I do know that we can have our emissions waived but only if we don’t go into the city. I love living out here. It is very peaceful.


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