Kindle Latest Gen retrofit for the M-Edge Guardian Case

Review: Amazon Kindle How I Use My Kindle

I’ve had my Kindle Wireless Reading Device for a few months now.  I’ve wanted one for a very long time, years in fact, and when I saw the price had dropped to $139 I started to seriously consider investing in one.

I say invest, because the main reason I wanted my Kindle was to enable me to read e-books without having to sit at the computer for hours, or print out reams of paper. I hesitated buying one for a long time because I was afraid I wouldn’t use it enough.  Thankfully that has not been the case. I really enjoy my Kindle.

I have never been much of a bath taker, have considered it a bit of a waste of time since showering is so much quicker.  However, one of the components to the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet is to take detox baths using either Epsom salts, baking soda or vinegar, all of which help to remove toxins from the body.  I found in taking these required detox baths that I really enjoy reading. It helped to pass the time and also helped me to relax. I started to actually look forward to this restful time when I could truly relax and not have to feel like I should be washing a sinkful of dishes instead.  I did want to make the time worth my while, and so I would read articles, e-books or long informative blog posts printed to paper and before long I had a pile of papers beside my tub that I’d read once, and would probably never read again.  I didn’t like the waste of paper and ink, and the wear and tear on my printer, so I thought a logical solution would be to invest in a Kindle.

I’m so glad I did.

Kindle Highlights:

  • Kindle for PC. Prior to buying my Kindle, I did not know about Kindle for PC.  While one of my main reasons for my Kindle is to avoid the need to sit at the computer and read lengthy books and articles, I totally love having the option to share my book with my computer.   Did you know you do not have to own a Kindle in order to use Kindle for PC?  You can also read Kindle books on other devices, like your Smart Phone.
  • Research Using My PC. There are several books I refer to regularly and along with owning my paperback version, I decided to buy the Kindle version. Now as I’m sitting at my computer composing an email, I can bring up that book and search for the phrase I was planning to quote. Instead of having to flip through the book searching for that one paragraph. While Kindle for PC won’t allow me to copy and paste the text, I can easily transcribe the few sentences.
  • Free Books. There are tons of free books available for reading. The Kindle can hold up to 3500 books, so if you love to read, you never have to be without a book ever again.  My Kindle is the latest generation and it is so thin and convenient to bring with me right along in my purse. Here is another resource for free Kindle books.
  • Change Font Size. You can’t do this with a regular book, now can you?  But with the Kindle, you can change the font size to your preference.
  • Talking Book. If the book you are reading was designed to speak, the Kindle can read your book out loud to you.

One thing you should know if you buy this latest generation Kindle: at this time not all accessories will fit.  Previous Kindles were larger, so be sure you look carefully at what you are ordering to be sure it will fit your version of Kindle.

The second generation and this latest generation both have a 6″ screen, and I think this is where I was confused because I didn’t realize the 2nd generation Kindle was larger in size. As you can see in the photo below, the 2nd generation Kindle measures 5.3″ in width and 8″ in height whereas the latest generation measures 4.8″ in width and 7.5″ in height.

Comparison of 2nd Generation and Latest Generation Kindle

I wanted my Kindle to be safe in the bathtub, so I ordered the M-Edge Accessories Guardian Case for Kindle – which has been discontinued.  This is when I discovered I’d bought an accessory for the wrong version.  It was too big and my Kindle was shuffling back and forth inside the case. None of the buttons matched up either, so it was a challenge to turn pages, go to the menu, open a new book, etc.

Fortunately, I had also ordered this Amazon Kindle 2 Silicone Skin Case Gel Cover – which was also the wrong size.

I was annoyed with myself for not paying closer attention, until I realized that these two items together would allow me to use the Guardian Case after all!
Kindle Latest Gen retrofit for the M-Edge Guardian Case

Kindle Latest Gen retrofit for the M-Edge Guardian Case

Kindle Latest Gen retrofit for the M-Edge Guardian Case

My Kindle is now safe around water, and I can turn the pages easily enough and use the navigation buttons as well.

For what it’s worth, I did contact the company that makes the Guardian Case and they told me they are suggesting this item: M-Edge Leisure Jacket for Amazon Kindle 3 which protects against moisture. It does not boast the waterproof characteristics of the Guardian Case.  The company said they would be happy to exchange the item I’d bought with the Leisure Jacket, but I decided to stay with what I had since I’d been able to retrofit the product. I like that the M-Edge Guardian Case is actually submersible in water for up to one meter. If I happen to drop the thing right into the bathtub, my Kindle is safe inside.

One last thing. I also love to read in bed at night before going to sleep, I don’t have much opportunity to do so because my days are so full that I don’t get enough sleep and drop off to sleep within minutes of climbing into bed.  On the rare occasions that I do get to read in bed at night, I use one of these headlamps which work great for shining the light right where I need it.

Do you have a Kindle?   Would you like to have one?

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6 thoughts on “Review: Amazon Kindle How I Use My Kindle

  1. I love my Kindle. Love, love, love. I read significantly more than I did prior because it is so convenient. I also love not having shelves full of books that go dusty. One downside to the Kindle is the price of books. The following blog does a great job reviewing the lower priced books in the Kindle library.


  2. My dad has a Kindle and loves it; my roommate got a Kindle for Christmas and started reading, which I had never seen him do before. I’m convinced it encourages reading! I wonder, though, how much of that is the novelty factor — will they read as much a year from now?

    I will not be getting a Kindle, as I’m addicted to the old-fashioned feel of a book in my hands.


  3. I’ve always been more of a fan of printed books, in spite of the fact that I’ve always been a tech guy. Less of an investment to lose (or be stolen), no batteries to worry about, good supply of really cheap used books …

    I’ve started to come around a bit lately. Mostly for selfish reason 🙂 I decided to release my collection of short stories for Kindle (here’s my author page on Amazon -> ) and started to take a closer look. After all, I had to have at least a shallow knowledge of the product it I was going to pitch the book to others.

    The one thing that might eventually sway me is the ability to get tons of public domain books for free.


  4. and your in debt HUH?


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Yes, Carol, I am in debt. Your comment seems to insinuate that I have no business buying a Kindle. I know the feeling well. I hit myself over the head with that thought daily. I even think I shouldn’t go see fireworks because it will take $10 in gasoline to get there and back. But sometimes I splurge a little bit with my hard earned money. And I can do that. It’s my money and I can buy a Kindle or a new blouse or a pair of shoes. I am rather frugal with my money but I refuse to live like a miser just so I can pay off my debt one week earlier. Sometimes you just gotta have a little bit of fun and enjoyment. I have wanted a Kindle for years, and I finally decided to buy one, and the price dropped and I finally decided it was okay. If I was a real spendthrift I would have bought one when they first came out and cost several hundred dollars. But I didn’t, I waited until the price dropped. Thanks for visiting and participating in the conversation. All my best, Mrs. A


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