Monthly Archives: March 2011

AGH. Car Repairs That Weren’t Expected. You Know It.

That’s how it usually ends up, isn’t it? Car repairs come when you simply aren’t expecting them and they can wipe out a respectable emergency fund in no time flat. I mentioned last week that I had to get the air conditioning fixed on my vehicle and it was going to cost $250, then it turned out to be $800. Well, the good news is that the cost for repairing it did stay at $800. The bad news is, something… Read the rest

Love Drop March 2011 – Katie in Dallas

In February the Love Drop Team succeeded at raising $13,000 to help Ethan and Alex get a service dog, and they also gave three iPads to the children in the family.  The iPad will help Ethan and Alex communicate with their family.  Great job, Love Drop! Here is the final video when Nate and J.Money showed up to do the Love Drop. March 2011 Love Drop – Katie March Love Drop is well under way and this month’s recipient is… Read the rest

How to Get a Copy of Your Arizona State Tax Return

In July 2010 I had a backup accident with my computer.  I’m still experiencing issues from that time.  One huge problem was that I used tax software and I had made an electronic copy of our income tax returns.  You know, trying to go paperless?   I think I’ve learned my lesson by now and won’t be going paperless any time in the near future. I needed to recreate our tax returns and so I set about getting copies so that… Read the rest

Gas Prices Going Up – How High Can You Go?

On Sunday March 20th, the average price for a gallon of gasoline was $3.57. This cost hits me in the pocketbook pretty hard since I have a 100 mile round trip commute.  Thankfully I am allowed to work at home one day of the week, and that adds up to quite a savings.  My vehicle gets 18mpg. I don’t have the money to buy a vehicle that gets better mileage so I have to cope with the situation as best… Read the rest