Monthly Archives: May 2010

Arizona’s Changing Its Method of Withholding

For as long as I can remember, the state of Arizona has taken a percentage of our Federal withholding. But that is about to change. Beginning on July 1st, 2010, For example, let’s say your gross pay is $1000 and your Federal withholding is 7% of your gross, or  $70.00.  Your Arizona state withholding was then a percentage of that.  The highest amount of withholding is 42.5% so your state withholding would be $29.82. Your employer may have already approached… Read the rest

Does Your Bank Have Paperless Withdrawals?

Every Thursday I withdraw $200 from our checking account to give to Mr. A for the groceries he will be buying and his “allowance”. Some time ago, withdrawal slips were removed from the customer area, I was told they are viewed as a “check” so they don’t like to have them readily available. You have to ask for a withdrawal slip.  I know they are right there with the cashier, so while she was away counting the paper money in… Read the rest

Update on the Discovery Card Debt Reduction Plan

At the end of March thanks to the encouragement and voting choices of my readers, I made a commitment to get rid of the debt on our Discover credit card since they’d jacked up our interest rate, and I thought I’d give you an update on how we’re doing with our goal. The balance starting out was $1902.98. The plan was to make a large payment of $710.00 and then make six additional payments of $209. On March 30th, I… Read the rest

Spring 2010 Gardening

I prefer starting seeds myself because I can be selective about the vegetables I am growing not to mention seeds are considerably less than live baby plants.  I have a big jar of seeds in my refrigerator; I keep them there because it extends their life. However, this year by the time it started to warm up, I realized I’d be getting too late of a start on seeds, so I caved and decided to buy baby plants.   Since there… Read the rest