Do You Qualify to be -Truly- Frugal?

On Sunday one of my fellow bloggers was taken to task by an anonymous commenter, who suggested that the author was not “truly frugal”. Abigail from I Pick Up Pennies defended herself rather admirably in a response post What is a “True” Frugal Blogger?

I thought it would be interesting to have a look [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Need A Small Dollar Item on Amazon?

How many times has this happened to you while shopping at Amazon? Have you, like me, gone to order one book, find a second one that you want and find that both books come to just a dollar or two short of free shipping?

I’ve wondered if there was some way to find something [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Do You Wear Pajamas?

My hubby got me a pair of pajamas for Christmas. Yes, I know we all agreed to buy each other nothing, but when I found he’d bought me something, I went and bought him a pair of slippers. And I also remembered something I wanted to get for AJ, and I already had bought [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

My Guest Post over at Ask Mr. Credit Card

Last Tuesday Mr. Credit Card was kind enough to include my guest post which described my debt consolidation experience in more detail than I’ve shared here on my blog.

Mr. Credit Card also does a blog talk radio show where he interviews personal finance bloggers. I have been listening to his talk shows on [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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