Do You Ever Spend a Set Amount of Money More Than Once?

I have noticed over the years that I have a bad habit of doing something when extra money comes in.  For example, last month an extra $30 landed in my PayPal account. So I thought I’d go ahead and buy those Wii games that I mentioned on my spending spree. But I’d forgotten that [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Guest Post: Don't Always Listen to Conventional Advice

Today I have a guest post from Mr. Credit Card. Yesterday I was on Mr. Credit Card’s Blog Talk Radio show and what a lot of fun!  I was nervous about what I was going to say, and I stuttered a few times, but overall I think I did okay.  You can hear the [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Announcing the Pioneer Woman Cookbook Winner!

We have a winner!  Kristin is the winner of the Pioneer Woman Cookbook! Her favorite recipe that she and her husband both love, is the Marlboro Man Sandwich!

For those interested in the number crunching, here are the stats:

129 people entered the contest. The entries came overwhelmingly from women, [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

October 2009 Monthly Report

October 2009 Monthly Report

The month of October really got away from me.  Auto expenses were high: I had to buy new tires for my vehicle ($346), and we had to replace the fuel pump in Mr. A’s work truck ($257). Somehow, gasoline was $135.79 lower than it usually is.


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