Monthly Archives: October 2009

The Time I Almost Married An Amway Salesman

Come close, my pretties, and let me tell you a scary and financially disastrous Halloween love story. I rarely dated during the years Mr. A and I were divorced. Getting married again was not my first priority.  Being the best parent I could be was a lot more important. However, I did date a guy I met online for a brief period of time. I’d met this really neat lady that was a relationship coach.   Michelle was also starting an… Read the rest

Carnivals for the week of October 26th, 2009

Carnival of Money Stories II My post Our Grocery Budget – How It’s Evolved was included at The Carnival of Money Stories II – The Halloween Candy Edition hosted by PT Money. Some of the posts I liked there: Building Rich Money Habits 101: My personal finance story by Rich Money Habits. Great story! Freefrombroke relates their recent moving experience in Tips I Learned From Our Move. One of the best tips I ever got regarding moving and boxes was… Read the rest

I Received a Duplicate Shipment from Amazon

I ordered three cookbooks, one for me, one for AJ and one for my boss for a Christmas present from I was so excited to see they had arrived! Two boxes.  I picked up the one, opened it up and looked inside. Pulled out the plastic bags of air and thought I saw two cookbooks.  I assumed the second box had only one cookbook. So I walked back over and picked it up.  Immediately I knew something was wrong.… Read the rest

NuRide – Earn Points for Carpooling, Biking & Telecommuting

I was over at My Frugal Life and Dawn mentioned a post by Amanda over at My Dollar Plan – Ten Surprising Ways You Can Earn Cash.  I clicked through on number ten, but found that I can’t participate since the NuRide, Inc. program isn’t in my area yet.  But if you happen to live in one of these areas you might want to check it out: Connecticut Hampton Roads, VA Houston, TX New York metro New York + Conn.… Read the rest