Decluttering is Hard to Do

I happened upon this site today as I was blog hopping: The Life Change Experiment.  I only read through some of the posts, but the gist of the blog is that the couple has decided to give away everything they own. You might be able to get something for yourself, if you hurry. The [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Free Excel Gasoline Calculator - How Much Gas Do You Use?

Looking for a way to calculate your gasoline usage?  Look no further, download my free Excel spreadsheet calculator.  If you don’t have Microsoft Excel this calculator also works with OpenOffice which is a free office suite similar to Microsoft Office.

My daily commute to work is 100 miles round trip, and I always set [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Student Loan Forgiveness Program

One of my coworkers forwarded an email to me last week and I thought it might be of interest to those of you out there with student loans. You may qualify, or maybe you know of someone else who could benefit.

The following is from the email that was forwarded to me:


Oh Shoot! Overdrafted Our Checking!

This is why I’m so danged paranoid about taking our checking account down to under $200.  Last weekend, our checking account showed that we had over $3000.  I paid some bills, made some credit card payments and took it down to $295.28.

I wasn’t sure if a payment was due for Mr. A’s COBRA; [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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