One Way to Lose Business

I’ll be preaching to the choir since anyone reading my blog is online and knows the scoop. But you might let your not-so-Internet-savvy friends and relatives know that if they are going to have a business website then they need to get back with folks that contact them via their website.

I’m looking for [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Save Money, Pay Your Bills Online

I had a conversation with my coworker last week about a check ordering mishap she’d been through.  Apparently she ordered checks through her bank back in March and they never showed up so she had the bank order another batch.  Two days later she received two sets of identical checks.

She asked if we [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Carnival of Personal Finance

One of my earlier posts Your Check Should Get Bigger in April has been included in today’s Carnival of Personal Finance over at Mighty Bargain Hunter’s place.  Check out the carnival which has lots of great posts.  Many thanks to Mighty Bargain Hunter for including my post!

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I Hate Cleaning Urinals

Now that title probably seems that it came out of left field for a personal finance blog, wouldn’t you agree?

Our janitor went on vacation for 2.5 weeks to visit with her family.  She comes from Guatemala and is the dearest woman. She’s my senior by a mere four months. We have a very [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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