Update on My American Express $25 Rebate

On February 11th, I lamented that I had not received my $25 rebate from American Express, the main reason I signed up for the card. I promised I’d get back to you with an update. I did call and ask them what was the holdup and I was told that it would be 10-12 weeks from the time of my FIRST purchase.  And that I should see something by the first week of APRIL.

So we’ll see if my rebate comes through.

I am very good about my Costco purchases (this card is affiliated with Costco) and have only purchased a few times since I got the card, usually once each month usually between $50 and $160.  There are a few things that we have found at Costco that are much lower than regular grocery stores, even the big box stores.

I have always paid the card off pretty quickly after making the purchases.   On Sunday I finally got around to reconciling the account, only to find that AMEX had not issued a statement for January, stating that I had no activity.  So my reconciliation was off.  I did save the payment confirmation numbers, so I was able to look at my online account and see that the payments did go through.  But the only way I could reconcile is to make up my own “statement” for January since two payments were made during that month! I guess they think only purchases are considered activity?

So that’s my update on the American Express Costco card $25 rebate.

Have a wonderful day!

Mrs. Accountability

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