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24 comments to Costco Eyeglass Return Policy – One of Costco’s Policies That I Don’t Like

Costco Eyeglass Return Policy - One of Costco's Policies That I Don't Like

Costco is really great when you want to return or exchange an item. They sell quality merchandise for great prices. I have only found one thing I’m unhappy with, their policy in regards to eyeglasses. They are guaranteed, I think for up to one year; however, the guarantee doesn’t do me much good.

I got my last pair of glasses from Costco. I wear progressives as I need trifocals, and I guess you could say I’m vain, but I hate the thought of wearing the old fashioned trifocals, the ones where you can see the lines. I paid $215 for my last pair of glasses from Costco, which is an awesome price.

Unfortunately, less than one year into wearing this pair of glasses, they started showing wear to the lenses. Now I’ve worn glasses since I was nine years old – since 1972 – I know how to care for lenses properly. The wear to these lenses was something I’ve never seen before. It looks as if I’d taken a hatpin and tapped the lens, making little scratches. In fact, it looks to me as if the so-called “protective coating” is flaking off.

So I stopped by Costco, showed them the problem and they said they would be more than happy to replace the lenses FREE OF CHARGE. Awesome.

“Hand ’em over,” she said, holding out her hand.

“What?” I asked.

“Your glasses,” she said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because we have to ship them back to the laboratory. They’ll be back in two weeks.”

Two weeks? For a Near-Sighted Four Eyes such as myself, owner of only one pair of glasses?

I can’t even walk out of the store safely, let alone go without glasses for two weeks.

So much for the great replacement policy.

The other night I was in Costco again, and decided to (apparently) torture myself a little bit more, by showing the eyeglasses clerk my glasses. He tried to tell me that the front side of my lens is being worn away by – get this – contact with my skin and the oils and makeup on my face. Excuse me, but I don’t wear any type of face makeup, aside from one thin line of brown eyeliner on my lower lids, and mascara, but no facial makeup, and I don’t need lotion on my face, I happen to have enough moisture to my face, thank you very much. Furthermore, I explained to him that I don’t wear my glasses backwards on my face, against my face, but he insisted my lenses were contacting my face in some way and that is what was causing the problem. He also showed me his two year old glasses, and pointed out that he has plenty of surface scratches, too. But you know what, his were actually light scratches, it wasn’t the protective coating being chipped and peeling away from the surface. The young man tried hard to persuade me, “You need to have two pairs of glasses. What if your dog chewed up this pair? What if you stepped on this pair? You wouldn’t only have one pair of shoes, would you?”

Well, I don’t think shoes are a very good example, because I can go anywhere and buy a pair at anytime.   That is beside the point, why should I buy two pairs of glasses if I know from wearing glasses for 35 years that my prescription changes at least every two years, which is about as long as I expect one pair of glasses to last.

I asked him why couldn’t Costco just build a new pair of lenses, and snap them into the frames once they were done? He said they couldn’t do that.

I left the counter in a very aggravated mood. Because I just don’t know what to do. I think their protective coating is inferior, but if they won’t admit it, then how do I know what to do the next time I order glasses? Do I bypass Costco, and buy elsewhere? Or do I just grin like a fool and buy two pair of glasses at once, on the off chance that I might need to replace one pair?

Now that the check arrived to replace my glasses which got scratched when I fell in the pothole at the mall I need to make an appointment for a new prescription.

I think what I’m going to do is make an appointment with the optometrist at Costco, but I’m also going to stop by a glasses place and see if they think my lenses are messing up from the “contact” to my face.    Depending on what they say, I may buy my glasses from Costco again. I won’t be buying a second pair. Although I do think I will check out Zenni Optical and buy a second pair through them – you can get single vision lenses plus frames for as low as EIGHT DOLLARS.   That is the least I could do, is buy a second pair through them, then if my main pair get damaged within the warranty period I can hand them over to Costco for two weeks. I could even buy a pair of progressives for as low as $37 from Zenni’s.

I have known about Zenni’s for at least two years, and have one friend who has tried them and was pleased with them. However, I’m a bit paranoid about getting such cheap glasses (manufactured in China, iirc) for every day wear.  I need the reassurance of having bought my glasses from someone who can verify the prescription and help me adjust them to my face properly.  If I do follow through and order from them, I’ll let you know what I think of the glasses and the company. I’ve read some unfavorable reviews about them, but it wouldn’t hurt to try them for the low price they offer.

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