Just What I Needed, More Credit

I bank with Wells Fargo and they recently decided that it was necessary to lower my overdraft loan amount from $5000 to $2000.  They didn’t touch the $20,000 line of credit attached to the account we use for Mr. A’s business.

I’ve been using my Chase Amazon card pretty heavily and paying it down with big chunks. In fact, just a couple of weeks ago I decided to estimate how much we’ll put on it in the next month and then make a payment for that amount.

AJ bought a new laptop computer and we used this card to charge it. He had saved 58% of the total cost of the laptop, but then he found that the company he was purchasing his laptop from was running a one day sale with a coupon worth $330.  That increased his savings to 73% and I agreed to let him charge the item ahead of time to take advantage of the coupon.  He’d wanted to wait until he had all the money he needed, but we thought it would be prudent to take advantage of the savings.

The laptop was charged on the 15th of March, and he’ll have the balance due that he owes me, by April 15th, so he will not incur any finance charges on my card.

When I was anticipating paying for my vehicle on Wednesday, I checked the card,  just to make sure the limit was okay.  There was just over $2000 available on the card, the limit being $9500.

Then I checked again on Thursday, and was surprised to see that Congratulations!my credit line has been increased. By $3000!  Wait, I mean, what’s up with that?  You just closed one of my credit cards that I hold with you on January 7th.

Today I’ll move money to cover the vehicle repairs so we can keep driving that amount down.

Mrs. Accountability

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