Giant Lettuce

Last night we feasted on a lovely salad, made with this giant head of lettuce from my garden. I believe it is a romaine-type lettuce. I get my lettuce seeds from Pinetree, I love their lettuce mix. So I don’t really know exactly which one this is. It is very good tasting and will [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Changing Garbage Pickup Companies

We pay $32 a month for garbage pickup in our area. When we first moved out here in 2002 we hauled our own garbage for quite a while. Then we decided to sign up for trash pickup. We had one can for a year or two and then we ordered a second can. The [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Target 90% Off – The Countdown Begins

My FAVORITE shopping day of the year. The day that Target marks its Christmas inventory down to 90%. This means WE pay only 10% of the retail cost.

Imagine getting 40 beautiful, high quality Christmas cards for $1.49 – instead of $14.99!

Thick rolls of wrapping paper for $0.34 instead of $3.49.


AJ Gets A Job and Plans a Budget

My baby son has been hired to run a kitchen for a senior citizen center. He did some volunteering there and they liked his work ethic so much that they offered him a part time job. $10 an hour and 24 hours a week, but he’s tickled with the position. Oh, and I guess [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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