Monthly Archives: December 2008

Giant Lettuce

Last night we feasted on a lovely salad, made with this giant head of lettuce from my garden. I believe it is a romaine-type lettuce. I get my lettuce seeds from Pinetree, I love their lettuce mix. So I don’t really know exactly which one this is. It is very good tasting and will be enough for three salads. Yours Truly, Thank you for visiting Out of Debt Again! Subscribe to receive free email or RSS notifications and don’t miss… Read the rest

Changing Garbage Pickup Companies

We pay $32 a month for garbage pickup in our area. When we first moved out here in 2002 we hauled our own garbage for quite a while. Then we decided to sign up for trash pickup. We had one can for a year or two and then we ordered a second can. The cans hold 90 gallons. We pay every quarter in advance. Some people in our area burn their trash, but we’ve never gone that route. I don’t… Read the rest

Target 90% Off – The Countdown Begins

My FAVORITE shopping day of the year. The day that Target marks its Christmas inventory down to 90%. This means WE pay only 10% of the retail cost. Imagine getting 40 beautiful, high quality Christmas cards for $1.49 – instead of $14.99! Thick rolls of wrapping paper for $0.34 instead of $3.49. Bows and ribbons for $0.49 instead of $4.99. Just thinking about it makes me giddy!! And I’m not typically a shopper!! And here’s the best part of all… Read the rest

AJ Gets A Job and Plans a Budget

My baby son has been hired to run a kitchen for a senior citizen center. He did some volunteering there and they liked his work ethic so much that they offered him a part time job. $10 an hour and 24 hours a week, but he’s tickled with the position. Oh, and I guess since he’s 19, I can’t call him my baby boy any longer. But you know, he’ll always be my baby. He starts on January 1st. Our… Read the rest