Black Friday 2008

Are you out shopping today?

Not me. I tried it out about twenty years ago, and that was it for me. Especially now that we’re so far from the big city, I’d have to get up at 3am to be there to stand in line. No thank you. Especially with this morning’s news about the man killed in Walmart; trampled to death by shoppers rushing into the store. A woman is reportedly said to have miscarried in the same store after being knocked down.

On the other side of the spectrum, did you hear about Monique White, the woman who invited folks to her Thanksgiving dinner via Craigslist? Her boss heard about what she was doing and offered to pay for the food. Pretty cool.

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner yesterday and this morning I’m having leftovers for breakfast. The photo is my plate this morning, I’ve been playing around with the macro setting on my camera, a Nikon S550. Our Joby Gorillapod really comes in handy when taking close shots.

After Thanksgiving dinner we decided to make a firepit and sit around the fire and sing together. Free entertainment, and we burned some tree branches that had been gathered in a pile. The weather has finally cooled down thanks to some much needed rain, and it was quite cozy sitting around the fire.

It was truly a wonderful day. Did you have a nice Thanksgiving holiday?


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