Cancelled GeoCities – Finally!

I forgot to cancel my GeoCities site, but I finally sat down to work on our finances last night and REMEMBERED, because there it was again, charged to my account.

So right away I went to GeoCities and after searching for a while found where to go to downgrade to a free site. Two things I’m losing at this point 1) I can no longer FTP, but that’s okay I don’t need to, and 2) If I don’t upgrade the site monthly, they may delete it. But that’s okay. I’ve already moved everything over to another site, and put a blurb on every page sitting at GeoCities that it is moving by the end of September. I can still access the files by using their File Manager if I really need to make a change.

So that’s $4.95 less we’ll be paying monthly.

Something else I need to cancel will be my satellite Internet. We were paying $69.95 per month for Tier II service, and I downgraded to Tier I which is $49.95. I asked my contact what I needed to do for canceling the account and he said I would need to pay for the month of October to end the contract. Otherwise he said if I wanted them to come out right after the contract ended, they would have to have their equipment back and they’d charge me $75.00 to do that.

So I feel like he was pulling a scam on me, but I don’t think I have any other recourse except to pay the month of October. At least that gives me another month to get Mr. A’s new business cards ordered (the others will have the wrong email address) and make sure all my email is transferred to my new email address.

And finally, I’ll need to cancel our land line. I am a little bit panicked about it. Perhaps I’ll call and ask them what it would cost to have a bare bones lines. If it was $13 a month that wouldn’t be too bad.

Yours Truly,

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