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I have known about Ebates and MyPoints for years, but just the other day I found a site which compares the reward values so you know which is the best one for your purchase. Until tomorrow, August 14th, you can earn $10 for joining Ebates. Hurry and we can both earn $10!

I recently discovered this shopping rewards search engine Evreward. Go here first before you buy ANYTHING online and see where you can earn the most rewards.

From Evreward, I discovered another referral site called Cashbaq where you can earn $5 just by joining. Cashbaq sends your money via PayPal or paper check once you’ve earned $10.00.

I also signed up for Mr. Rebates where you make $7.50 for joining.

I am kind of bummed because it looks like when I went through Cashbaq the other day I must not have clicked in the right place because there is no sign of my “reward” for 10% from GNC. I was going to email them about it, but they said I should wait until it’s been at least ten days before reporting that the rewards aren’t showing up.

I got my first check from BlogHerAds. I made just over $25 since April. Well, that more than pays for my yearly domain registration fee for this site. This money will be snowballed to debt.

In what ways are you making money online?

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1 thought on “Making Money Online

  1. I actually have a pretty big variety of things making me money online, but only a few of them have ever amounted to enough to pay for a coffee.

    Though I haven’t really done much the last 4-5 months, I’m still able to continue a residual income from a couple of blogs I have (including that adds up to about an average of $25-40/month.

    Most of the money is from the sales of links on the site through various affiliate programs and Google Adsense. It’s nothing to brag about, but it pays for the site costs and dumps a little extra into my bank account for rainy days. 🙂

    Nice to see that you’ve at least started monetizing your site some to pay for your costs too.


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