Monthly Archives: July 2008

My Cheap -New- Computer

So far it’s cost me $52.00 – it came with 1/2 GB of memory, and I wanted the maximum it could hold, 2GB. It is an eMachine, model T5082. Its processor is an Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00 GHz. An ex-neighbor of ours, whose home burned down, gave my youngest son this computer after the fire. The wife was afraid to live out here any longer since we don’t have fire hydrants and the fire station is 15 miles away.… Read the rest

Breakdown of our Electricity Bill

This month’s usage was high, as expected, but still less than last year. I would rather see lower than last year by even a few dollars, than higher as has been the trend for the past six years. As you can see in the graphic, we have consistently used less electricity every month of this year so far. As I look over the bill, I am always amazed at all the taxes, usage fees and other miscellaneous items added to… Read the rest

I’m Gold

I don’t brag about myself very much but I just have to spout off a little about our successful event at work last Friday. We had nearly 80 prizes to give away and if it hadn’t been for me, we wouldn’t have had nearly as many prizes. Everyone kept saying it was our best year ever for prizes. But they didn’t acknowledge the main reason. Me. Yes, little ol’ me. I felt like The Little Red Hen. Well, I guess… Read the rest

Spending Spree

Our cash flow problem has ceased. Whew. The client that Mr. A billed the other day paid 75% of the amount due. That’s okay, he’s worked with her for over two years and she’ll pay the rest soon. I sat down on Wednesday night and listed all the bills that are upcoming, estimated the gasoline usage until the end of the month, listed the credit card that we have been using to balance out the cash flow and once we… Read the rest