Monthly Archives: June 2008

Day 3 – MM’s 30 Day I Want More Money Exercise

Day 3 – $400 Join me and Millionaire Mommy in this 30 Day Abundance Exercise. With $400 we’d buy the materials needed to reroof our carport, and build another carport on the east side of our home. We put up the west carport soon after we moved out here because the sun setting in the west causes the master bedroom to grow very uncomfortably hot during the summer. The east side catches the morning sun and it’s not too horrible,… Read the rest

I’m Going to Start eBaying Again

A couple of weeks ago I thought I’d give eBay another try. After all I have all this stuff laying around that “might be worth something on eBay”. I researched a broadband router that I’d bought from my old boss about four years ago. It looked like several had been bid on and sold recently for around $10. I paid $40 for the thing but I figured I may as well try and recoup some of the money I’d put… Read the rest

Day 2 – MM’s 30 Day I Want More Money Exercise

Day 2 – $200 Millionaire Mommy has invited us to do this money exercise with her. I’m supposed to double the amount of money every day I’d use to go on a spending spree. I have trouble thinking of things to spend money on because I try to live frugally and keep my wants to a minimum. I asked Mr. A what he’d buy if he had $200. He couldn’t think of anything. We talked about a few things but… Read the rest

Day 1 – MM’s 30 Day I Want More Money Exercise

I’ve decided to join in with Millionaire Mommy’s 30-Day I Want More Money Exercise. Day 1 – $100 Spending SpreeI’d buy one of these Litter Kwitter kits and teach our cats to use the toilet instead of having to buy cat litter every month. We used $104 on cat litter in the past year. If I could get our four cats trained to use the toilet, the kit would pay for itself within one year. [Added in at 5:15pm.] Gratitude:… Read the rest