What I Learned About Google Adsense Today

I added Google Adsense ads to my site through my Blogger Dashboard sometime ago. Well, I thought that’s how I signed up for them. I didn’t really remember signing up, and over the weekend I started wondering how in the world do I even make contact with Adsense to see if I’m even earning anything at all? I usually keep all my passwords and usernames in one place as I join new sites, and I couldn’t find anything related to Adsense at all.

Also over the weekend I read a couple of sites that said if you aren’t getting a lot of hits on your site, then you shouldn’t have Adsense on it at all. That worried me a little bit… Hmmm…

Serendipitously I received an email today from Google Adsense, telling me that third-party ads are now available. This is only the third email I’ve received from Google Adsense. I wonder if they’ve emailed before but got caught in my spam folder?

When I logged in to my account, I was warned that I needed to upgrade by May 25th or else I wouldn’t be able to access my account and make changes after that date.

I upgraded and decided to take a look around to see what I’d been missing. First of all, Google sent some messages to me the month after I joined, giving me some tips for setting up my site so it would start earning money. Sheesh! I wish I’d known about these tips earlier!

As it turns out, I’ve only started to make some money using Adsense, beginning in April. That is around the same time I was accepted at BlogHerAds.

So my point in writing this post is if you are new to blogging, and you signed up with Adsense, be sure to log in and see what they recommend so your site can start making money.

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