Our New (Used) Washer and Dryer

Our washer has been showing signs of working less and less effectively in the past couple weeks. I mentioned it to Mr. A, but he didn’t have a chance to look into ituntil last night. Our son was washing a load of clothes and Mr. A took a look in the washer to see if there was room for one more item. He called out to me, “Mrs. A, the washer isn’t agitating!”

I told him I’d mentioned that to him a couple of weeks ago. Basically our clothes have been getting wet and wrung.

We had another used machine in the carport so he tested it on the ground and it seemed to be working okay. But when he got it up onto the porch, the motor was heating up and blowing fuses. So that wasn’t going to work.

He asked me what I thought about buying a new washer. I took a look on Home Depot and found their cheapest is $275 after a mail-in rebate.

I really don’t like buying new appliances. I detest the thought because if you need to buy something affordable (okay, inexpensive… all right, cheap!) they are made of plastic. The old fashioned washer and dryers used to last forever. But not the new ones they import.

And I just can’t see paying $1000 for a washing machine.

So we left it at that. He said he knew of a place on the way to his client’s house that sells used machines, so he said he would get the number and call them. He called me later to tell me they wanted $150 for one of their used machines. Mr. A felt that was a bit too much for a used machine, and he told me he was going to look around.

A couple hours later, while at the client’s house, he saw a man pull up who unloaded a washer and dryer. Mr. A stepped out to ask him if he sold washers, and the guy said he didn’t, he was just delivering these for the lady of the house, but it just so happened that he did have a washer and dryer sitting in his storage unit. If Mr. A wanted to follow him there, he would let him have them, as he is planning to move to another state.

Mr. A told him he would be glad to pay him something, and the guy said he’d be happy with $25.00.

Mr. A told him if there was anything else he wanted him to haul away to the thrift store, he’d be happy to load it up. The guy said, “Really? You wouldn’t mind? Because I would like to get this desk out of here. That’d be great. Thanks!”

So Mr. A brought home a washer and dryer, and a very nice desk. The washer has been working great, and we’ll hold onto the dryer as a spare.

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2 thoughts on “Our New (Used) Washer and Dryer

  1. Great find! We recently upgrade from the washer dryer combo (it washes and drys in the same compartment) we had in the rv.

    We gave Home Depot’s offerings a quick look and decided a machine wasn’t in our future. A nice machine simply costs too much when you consider the other things you could do with $1,500-2,000.

    We ended up settling for a slightly used set we located via craigslist.


  2. Wow, that’s a great deal! It’s amazing what you can get just for asking. Not that you’ll be needing a new machine in the near future, but just as an FYI, your utility companies may give you rebates for an energy efficient model. A few months ago, I bought a new washer for just under $1,000 but got $70 off b/c it was a floor model, $35 from the gas company, and $250 from the power/water company. And the washer is saving us noticeably on our utility bills as well.


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