Monthly Archives: April 2008

Grocery Shopping Series Part III: Is The Value Pack The Best Buy?

This is Part III in a series on saving money on groceries. This post focuses on the value pack vs. the smaller sized package. As I’m grocery shopping, I take several things into consideration as I make my choices. In trying to get the best buy, I don’t always buy the cheapest, or the largest. Most of the stores have a cost per ounce sticker under every item. When they do, it’s easy enough to figure out which one is… Read the rest

Grocery Shopping Series Part II: Generic vs. Name Brand?

This is Part II in a series on saving money on groceries. This post will discuss purchasing generic vs. the name brand. Do you always buy the name brand? Or do you always buy the store brand/generic? An equal split of both? We all seem to have our loyalties when it comes to name brands. Years ago I remember my sister would get stuck on a name brand item and she wouldn’t budge to try another. I used to think… Read the rest

Pitfalls of Starting a New Business?

Mr. A’s business is going gangbusters. It feels like he’s working more hours now than when he held a forty hour a week job. Unfortunately we’ve run into one of the pitfalls of starting a new business. One little hitch… He’s working and working and working, but he’s not getting paid. Yes, you read that right. He’s not getting paid. Worse yet, the check they paid us with bounced! His most frequent client paid him for two months worth of… Read the rest

Yet One More Update On The Balance Transfer Saga

If you haven’t read it before, you can read all about it from the beginning by clicking on this link. This should be the final update for this saga. Today I received a letter from Citicards that said, “Dear Mrs. Accountability: Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding your Citicard account. We’re pleased to confirm we have credited your account $39.00, in addition to any related fees or finance charges. You will see these adjustments within 2 billing periods.” Whew.… Read the rest