Monthly Archives: March 2008

Getting Your Credit Report, The Old-Fashioned Way

I’m sure everyone knows by now that we are entitled to our free credit reports (not the score) through But what if you don’t have a computer and can’t go online? My mom doesn’t have a computer and asked if I could check her report today. We went through the steps, but come to find out they don’t have her on record. I looked through the site for the information she needs to call or apply by USPS mail.… Read the rest

My Debt is Bigger Than Yours

I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon when talking to people in real life about debt. Generally they have more debt than we do, and the comments always similar, “That’s nothing. I wish I only had $10,000 in debt. Try having $35,000 in debt.” The implication seems to be that I’m fussing about nothing. As if we have no right to work at paying down my debt, since it’s so much less than the other person’s debt. I haven’t talked about debt… Read the rest

Help With the Finances

Mr. A and I used to carpool to work when he had a “regular” job but now that he has his own business I’ve been driving myself. Occasionally it still works out for us to carpool so we did that today. When we were close to my job, he mentioned he’d watched Dave Ramsey the other night and the show was about a lady who was fully in charge of the finances and she felt she’d made a mistake with… Read the rest

Viruses and Trojans and Spyware, Oh My!

In addition to being sick, my online time has been seriously limited since March 3rd, as we have once again been invaded by some alien software which is hogging our bandwidth. We live out in the country and the only high speed internet is satellite. The least expensive option through our ISP is $49.95 a month. We’re limited to 7500MB worth of downloads. That’s roughly 250MB per day. My son and I are the only ones that use this internet… Read the rest