How to Set up a Custom Domain with Blogger

Hopefully the changes I made were flawless and if you’re reading me through a reader it’s still feeding properly.

I sprung for a domain registration for the site. The new URL is now where formerly it was You can get to Out of Debt Again using either address.

If you would like [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

To The Taxman We Wenteth

Or something like that.

I was stressing about our taxes. I’d started them in TurboTax Online, but then I lost my nerve. I blame it on being sick. I’ve never lost my nerve doing taxes before. Then again, I’ve never owed taxes in my life! This bit about having to pay $2000 was freaking [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

The Weekly Finance Checkup - My Procedure

Every weekend I spend several hours working with our finances. When I do it every single weekend, it’s a lot easier. When I miss a weekend, there’s twice as much data entry. Although it’s difficult to make myself sit down every single weekend, it definitely is less time consuming to do it every weekend.


Will Everyone Get a Stimulus Check?

My mom called me a couple of days ago, wanting to fill me in on all the details about the Economic Stimulus Payment. She told me even if you didn’t make any money last year, you can still fill out a Form 1040A and get a check. She told me to be sure to [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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