MyPoints Revisited

Paid Twice had a great post last week on Maximizing MyPoints Rewards, which renewed my interest in the rewards system. Thanks, Paid Twice!! I became a member of MyPoints on August 15, 1999. Yes, seven years ago. I had time for it back then, and was even on s-l-o-w dial up. During the first couple of years I earned 36,000 points. Which translated into $300 in Target gift cards!

But when we moved here, my schedule tightened, and I was still on dial up. It was one of those things that I had to drop. Sleep, or wait for MyPoints pages to load? Be late for work, or wait for pages to load?

Maybe it will be easier now that I have a faster connection. I’m also thinking about making it one of my before work “chores” since my connection at work is even faster.

Here are some tips for signing up with and using MyPoints.

  1. You can gain 125 points right off the bat, if you let me “refer” you. Leave me a comment on this post, and then send a request to be referred to my gmail address, listed at top right. I will also gain 100 points, but I have to wait until you have accrued your first 250 points.
  2. When you go through the sign up process, be sure to use a “spam” email address, as you may begin to see a lot of spam come through. It used to be that MyPoints tracked you through your email address, so when you make purchases, be sure to use the “spam” address you used to sign up with.
  3. Be sure to check that you are interested in EVERYTHING, even if you aren’t! This will generate a lot of MyPoints emails. I usually get at least 6 a day, if not more.
  4. Be sure to do as MyPoints requests, and put their email address in your contacts list, or MyPoints emails to you may filter into your spam folder.
  5. Click on EASY POINTS to earn some extra points right away.
  6. Click on REFER A FRIEND to refer some of your friends.
  7. Be very ware of signing up for the bonus programs which give you hundreds of points, but then you have to cancel the membership within 30 days. You have to be VERY organized to not let that 30 days get by without cancellation. If you do decide to take the chance, be firm when you call to cancel, as they will surely try to talk you into staying with them. “It’s ONLY $4.95 per month!” they’ll whine. You can also cancel the membership after the 30 days are over, but you may have to eat the fees you’ve already been charged.
  8. Remember before you make any purchases online, to check through MyPoints first and see if you can gain points by making that purchase. Just remember to use the same email address you use for joining MyPoints.

Be very cautious when joining “clubs” for the big points. Here is my experience with Columbia House and believe me, I knew what I was getting myself into. Be sure to read your Membership Guide.

Columbia House: I decided to go for this offer because my son is a big fan of Walker Texas Ranger, and also the television series 24. MyPoints offered 1000 points if I joined Columbia House, and purchased 2 DVD sets for $9.95 and free shipping. So I got Walker Texas Ranger, First Season and 24’s Fifth Season. Two very nice gifts for my son, for less than $10. By joining, and taking advantage of this offer, I did agree to purchase to purchase four more DVDs (worth at least $19.95) over the next two years. Columbia House offers specials; for example, currently DVD sets are 40% off. My son will purchase the remaining Walker seasons, so I will be able to fulfill my commitment within one year. Also, note you will receive The Director’s Cut by email or USPS, and you must respond within 10 days, or they will send the item to your home. You can refuse it, but it is a lot easier if you just refuse the thing to begin with. So be careful.

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