Monthly Archives: January 2008

MyPoints Revisited

Paid Twice had a great post last week on Maximizing MyPoints Rewards, which renewed my interest in the rewards system. Thanks, Paid Twice!! I became a member of MyPoints on August 15, 1999. Yes, seven years ago. I had time for it back then, and was even on s-l-o-w dial up. During the first couple of years I earned 36,000 points. Which translated into $300 in Target gift cards! But when we moved here, my schedule tightened, and I was… Read the rest
Flower Bouquet

When Your Hubby Gives You Flowers

What do you say? “Hey, buddy, we’re on a BUDGET now, don’t ya know? Get with the program, will ya?” No, you say, “Thank you honey, what a sweet thing to do.” And then you wait for a few days to check the online banking to see how much they cost… UPDATE: My flowers lasted for eight days. Mr. A explained that he called the flower place and said he wanted to spend about $35. The lady explained there was… Read the rest

Credit Card Report December 2007

Here’s how the credit card report looks. Basically we now have paid 21% of Credit Card #1 and 15% of Credit Card #2. It’s a little confusing as my sister’s phone bills come to my credit card, and this past month our son purchased a Total Gym and I used the credit card. He did pay me back right away (just didn’t have the cash on hand with him) and my sister also made a payment for the month. I… Read the rest

My Money Story – The Forties

In November 2006 we made an important and necessary decision that would allow us to move on with our lives. Our income dropped but the bills were still there. We had to use credit cards to cover bills and groceries for several months. And now we stand here, thousands of dollars in debt and when I read some PF blogs, I feel envious and guilty that I’m not as frugal as they are, or have been over the years. For… Read the rest