Monthly Archives: December 2007

Brainstorming: Getting the Family on Board the S.S. Budget

Mr. Debtbeater recently blogged about an “exciting month” wherein his debt reduction plan didn’t go quite as he’d planned. I find myself in the same boat sometimes, so I was thinking this morning how I might go about encouraging more participation. Here are some thoughts I came up with: Ask my other half to post. It seems like the PF blogs I read (and I don’t read all that many) are one person or if married, just the one spouse.… Read the rest

Saving Money At Christmas

Here’s a very unusual solution to saving money at Christmas. Our family has decided to exchange gifts on New Year’s Day. This way… we can shop the stores that clearance their special Christmas items. Namely Target, my favorite store to shop after Christmas. Usually the day after Christmas everything is marked down to 50%. Then within a few days, it goes down to 75% and finally everything left goes down to 90% I never buy cards, wrapping paper, bows, decorations,… Read the rest

Credit Card November 2007 Report

Credit Card #1 11-14-07 $10,107 balance 11-23-07 -$679.00 Payment 11-30-07 +$118.00 Interest 12-1-07 -512.00 Payment New Balance: $8034.00 20.5% of this credit card has been paid. Credit Card #2 11-14-07 $3792.00 11-30-07 +237.00 Bills AutoPay 11-30-07 +30.00 Estimated Interest 12-15-07 -450.00 Payment New Balance: $3609.00 5% of this credit card has been paid.OUT OF DEBT AGAIN is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising… Read the rest

Monthly Report November 2007

Remember we tightened our belts the third week into November, so this month’s will be another “here’s what our mostly non-budget spending looks like”. We purchased six months worth of hay in November at $12/bale. The price per bale is estimated to rise up to $15/bale by the end of the year. We are also putting away a month’s worth of hay money each month so when it comes time to purchase hay again, we won’t have to come up… Read the rest