The Plan: Step 2 – Budget

Okay, here’s our budget. I know we could cut down dramatically, but if this is going to work we have to take it slow and easy. So this is what it looks like on paper.



$1,350.00 Groceries, Sundries, Pet Food 4 weeks
$60.00 Money Order for Bill
$700.00 Gasoline
$400.00 Babysitter
$500.00 Mortgage
$60.00 Land Line Phone
$335.00 Electricity
$50.00 Satellite Internet
$10.00 Webhosting
$35.00 Trash
$57.00 Satellite Television
$45.00 Water
$112.00 Cellular Phones
$342.00 Livestock Feed
$200.00 Credit Card 1 Minimum Payment
$450.00 *Credit Card 2 Payment
$165.00 Auto Insurance
$19.00 Life Insurance
$150.00 Charity

*This is not the minimum for this card. Monthly payments come off this card so I am paying at least that amount, plus another amount.

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