Monthly Archives: November 2007

The Plan: Step 2 – Budget

Okay, here’s our budget. I know we could cut down dramatically, but if this is going to work we have to take it slow and easy. So this is what it looks like on paper. MONTHLY INCOME $5272 EXPENSES $5040 $1,350.00 Groceries, Sundries, Pet Food 4 weeks $60.00 Money Order for Bill $700.00 Gasoline $400.00 Babysitter $500.00 Mortgage $60.00 Land Line Phone $335.00 Electricity $50.00 Satellite Internet $10.00 Webhosting $35.00 Trash $57.00 Satellite Television $45.00 Water $112.00 Cellular Phones $342.00… Read the rest
Wedding Dress

Wedding Under $3000

Okay, here’s the final tally on our wedding which I had hoped to keep under $2000. We invited 160 people, and 96 actually showed up. We had a lot of children at our wedding, too, which really made it a lot of fun! I can’t believe people don’t want children at their wedding! Ceremony/Reception Location: $0. We had our wedding at my job, which normally charges $800 for the room but let us use it free. Books in lieu of… Read the rest

Wants Vs. Needs

I want one of these: Pioneer Woman’s Calendar. I don’t want much and I don’t want anything too expensive. But since we’re supposed to be getting on a budget and tightening our belts, I realize items like this beautiful calendar are definitely a want vs. a need. After all, I’ve already purchased a calendar from Saver’s for $1.99 for the coupons inside (“worth hundreds of dollars!”) and my husband’s dentist had calendars at his office this past week. Last year… Read the rest

Renting Vs. Owning Your Home

Red hot topic over at Millionaire Mommy Next Door’s. (Millionaire Mommy’s blog was hacked and the post is no longer available, but here is a comparable one in which she examines renting vs. owning at her new site). My take on this discussion. I have rented and I have owned homes. I have been inherently happier as a homeowner. I can’t imagine EVER renting again, and hope I never have to rent again. My earliest memory is in the home… Read the rest